Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Roy and Alberta ( Bert ) Walker Family

This is the Roy Walker family from Spokane, Washington. 

Roy was born 4th August 1901 and was married to Alberta ( Bert ) Bascetta who was born in 1915. Alberta was a well known Real estate Manager at the time of her passing in 2013

In 1959 Roy and Alberta were living at East 7924 Sprague Avenue, Spokane, Washington

There are seven reels of 40 ft 8mm standard film available. Each roll is 3.5 minutes in duration. The youtube posting gives a representative selection of what is contained in these reels. 


Monday, May 23, 2016

The Charles Ingolf Skoor Family

These are clips from 8mm movies of The Charles Ingolf Skoor Family when they were living at 2511 10th Avenue West, Seattle, Washington in the 1950's and 60's

The Skoor Family are of Norwegian ancestry with Charles's father George born in Norway around 1880 emigrating to USA in around 1900 where he met his wife Lillie, from North Dakota

Lillie was the mother of Charles, Joseph, George and Ronald all living together in King, Seattle according to the 1930 census, with an earlier census showing Pearl a sister, and Engle as older siblings

There are nine 4 minutes reels of 8mm movies with huge amounts of great quality images of a very large extended family at graduations, trips to the lake, family pets, trip to Canada and family gatherings. Also there are clips of the family at the grave of Olga Kristina Maudslien, I assume another relative. Charles Skoor was born in King in 1909 and sadly passed in Issaquah in 1998. 

These movies came from an estate sale earlier this year and have been roughly edited together to create this movie. They can be professionally converted to enhance the quality and to enable them to be viewed in a more useabe format.

Each of the boxes that contain the 3" reels of 8mm film have very small script written in pen by I assume Charles Skoor listing the contents. Many Family members names are listed

I received this lovely comment from Holly Hettinger.... " Hello - My cousin directed me to your page. My mom is Karen Skoor, Charles Skoor's youngest daughter. In the second YouTube video of the Skoor family, my mom is the little girl with short brown hair and bangs sitting on the stairs petting cats at about 1:30. My cousin Stanley Straker sent me this link, which he received from another cousin. Thank you!!  What a great idea to run this site and try to get videos back to family!!!"

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Louis De Lalla Family

These are clips from the family movies of Louis De Lalla born February 1926 in Casacalenda, Italy, and who emigrated to the USA with his family at the age of eleven

In the 1940 Census he was sharing a house, aged 14 with his mother Julia, and younger brother Ralph ( Rafael) who at that time was just one year old

Through contact with his son Frank, he tells me Louis De Lalla became a tank sergeant enlisting around June 1944 and for his courage earning the purple heart. He re-enlisted in the Army in November of 1945 and after military service went on to establish his own business, Gem Valet Inc, a highly recognised and valued dry cleaning business in Washington, with the family home in Kansas Avenue.

He witnessed some of the atrocities in the concentration camps but was loathe to ever discuss some of the things he had seen

There are 14 reels of 8mm film with around 30 minutes of good viewable, mostly colour movies along with one Black and White Film and three boxes of slides

The contents of the movies include Jeanie's Christening and birthday parties, Easter with the family, an Idaho reunion at the lake, a trip to Canada, A College football game between St John's and Gonzago where his brother Rafael played, all filmed between 1955 and 1963

The colour slides may not be of the De Lalla family and are mainly landscape views, but will be included in the archive.

The movie I have put together here is made up of clips from a representative sample of the De Lalla archive and is roughly converted, however the quality could be improved with a professional conversion

This batch of movies was purchased  from and estate sale in April 2016

The research shows that Louis De Lalla passed in June 2008 whilst his beloved wife Carmela passed in February 2016 but are survived by their four children, Jean, Frank, Michael and Jo Anne, plus 8 grandchildren


Friday, April 15, 2016

The Frederick O Smetana Family

These are clips from seven reels of 8mm film converted into digital files of Dr Frederick O Smetana Phd family between 1958 and 1962

They show the four children of Dr Frederick Smetana and Adelaide Virginia Smetana.

The eldest Daniel, plus Martha, Andrew and Paul Fran celebrating various birthdays and the opening of Christmas presents.

Frederick and Adelaide appear in these films. Their marriage endured over 50 years until Adelaides demise in July 2005 with Dr Smetana passing in May 2011 in Raleigh N.C at the age of 83

A full obit is available on the Dignity memorial website 

These films were shot during the period of 1955 to 1961 whilst Dr Smetana was a research scientist at the University of Southern California where he earned his Ph.D. in Engineering. 

At that time the family were living at 2445 Frances Avenue, La Crescenta Monrose, California in a rather imposing property

Of the chldren, Andrew seems to have had a fine career as a police officer and is now retired and living in Sparta New jersey

Should you be interested in recovering these memories to perhaps have them converted in a more usable format, please use the contact form on the top right of the page. They are standard 8 and have all been run through a projector and are in very good condition.



Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Manfred Weidberg Family

These are films of the Manfred ( Fred ) Weidberg Family of 286 Cherry Place, East Meadow, New York.

There are two rolls of 8mm Standard 3" 50ft rolls of around 4 minutes duration shot between 1962 and 1964. One roll relates to a visit to Parrot Jungle in Florida with three boys aged around 11-14 as well as the mother. Two of the boys are Clifford and Steven

The second roll is that shown in the first video which is of a family holiday in Florida with three boys, a young couple, as well as the grandparents on the beach and by the pool at the Shoreham Norman Hotel on Miami Beach

If my research is correct Manfred and his brother Siegfried arrived, aged just 17 years 9 months and 16 years 6 months respectively in the USA aboard the steamer Nyassa from Portugal in December 1940. Manfred went on to serve in the war, Siegfried became a doctor. They had followed their parents Samson and Laura who had arrived in February of the same year aboard the Vulcania from Gibraltar

Like many people from Europe of Jewish heritage, it is likely they were fleeing the persecution that was being inflicted in Austria at that time. My source for this history is where there are public family trees associated with Manfred Weidberg from the Teller ( Harris ) and Winston family archives

Clifford is living in Florida and Steven still lives in New York

These films are in very good condition and would make a great addition to the famiy archive and are available to purchase. Please use the contact form at the side of the page should you wish to bring them back into your family.

The John W Glenn Family

This is footage from a film of the John Willis Glenn family from 33 N King Avenue, New Castle PA back in 1958

This particular reel shows twin sisters getting dressed for their confirmation as well as an older sister in her prom outfit ?

Some research shows a John W Glenn born on 6th Feb 1918 and passed 30th April 2003 in Neshannock PA

The son of John C Glenn and Cara B Clover John Willis in 1930 had 6 siblings, Clarence, Charlott, Clara, Chester, Mary and Edna ranging in age from 16 year old Clarence to 1 year old Edna.

However from here the trail goes cold. Maybe you recognise a relation in this video?

There are a further 19 Standard 8 3" reels of 50 ft  per reel which play for around 4 minutes. So around 80 minutes in all. Most are in great condition and play back fine through a cine projector. A few have some graining issues but still play.

They range in date from 1959 to 1971 with family get together's at Xmas, Birthdays, holidays in Florida, at the beach. JFK on TV at Xmas 1961, Twin sisters who could be Judy and Melanie according to some writing on the original boxes. They are seen getting of the bus coming back from school. Mom in her band uniform. The family dog and Cars. Granny and Grandpa at family get togethers. Badminton in the yard. The older girl, possibly Pat in the Xmas films.

These films all in all are a great collection of memories which can be cherished as they are or converted to digital format

Is this your family ? The house in N King Ave was home right into the 21st Century for the Glenns so there must be someone out there who would like to get these films back into the possession of the family

The 20 reels of 8mm film are available to purchase via paypal. Please contact me via the contact form at the side of the page for the cost, inc shipping.

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Paul Mickey Family

These are films of The Paul Mickey Family of 128 North Church St, Egypt, PA 18047 from the 1960's

Paul Mickey was born in November 1911, passing in LeHigh in 1990 at the grand age of 79

These are two short clips of the family back in the 1960's 

There are definitely two children in one of the reels, Carlene and Todd who are the grandchildren of Paul Mickey. Carlene has married and is now Carlene Entler and still works in Allentown in an attorney's office

These are images from just two of the reels of 8mm film. There are 17 other reels available

Todd P Mickey is her brother and may have lived in North 9th St in Allentown. Carlene's parents are seen in the films. 

One of the reels shows what appears to be an older brother, however he may be Todd and Carlene's Dad? He is seen with his sweetheart and is then shown leaving on an airplane to join the military.

Todd at one point seems to have lived at 721 North 9th Street Allentown