Monday, May 23, 2016

The Charles Ingolf Skoor Family

These are clips from 8mm movies of The Charles Ingolf Skoor Family when they were living at 2511 10th Avenue West, Seattle, Washington in the 1950's and 60's

The Skoor Family are of Norwegian ancestry with Charles's father George born in Norway around 1880 emigrating to USA in around 1900 where he met his wife Lillie, from North Dakota

Lillie was the mother of Charles, Joseph, George and Ronald all living together in King, Seattle according to the 1930 census, with an earlier census showing Pearl a sister, and Engle as older siblings

There are nine 4 minutes reels of 8mm movies with huge amounts of great quality images of a very large extended family at graduations, trips to the lake, family pets, trip to Canada and family gatherings. Also there are clips of the family at the grave of Olga Kristina Maudslien, I assume another relative. Charles Skoor was born in King in 1909 and sadly passed in Issaquah in 1998. 

These movies came from an estate sale earlier this year and have been roughly edited together to create this movie. They can be professionally converted to enhance the quality and to enable them to be viewed in a more useabe format.

Each of the boxes that contain the 3" reels of 8mm film have very small script written in pen by I assume Charles Skoor listing the contents. Many Family members names are listed

I received this lovely comment from Holly Hettinger.... " Hello - My cousin directed me to your page. My mom is Karen Skoor, Charles Skoor's youngest daughter. In the second YouTube video of the Skoor family, my mom is the little girl with short brown hair and bangs sitting on the stairs petting cats at about 1:30. My cousin Stanley Straker sent me this link, which he received from another cousin. Thank you!!  What a great idea to run this site and try to get videos back to family!!!"