Monday, March 28, 2016

The Paul Mickey Family

These are films of The Paul Mickey Family of 128 North Church St, Egypt, PA 18047 from the 1960's

Paul Mickey was born in November 1911, passing in LeHigh in 1990 at the grand age of 79

These are two short clips of the family back in the 1960's 

There are definitely two children in one of the reels, Carlene and Todd who are the grandchildren of Paul Mickey. Carlene has married and is now Carlene Entler and still works in Allentown in an attorney's office

These are images from just two of the reels of 8mm film. There are 17 other reels available

Todd P Mickey is her brother and may have lived in North 9th St in Allentown. Carlene's parents are seen in the films. 

One of the reels shows what appears to be an older brother, however he may be Todd and Carlene's Dad? He is seen with his sweetheart and is then shown leaving on an airplane to join the military.

Todd at one point seems to have lived at 721 North 9th Street Allentown

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