Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The John W Glenn Family

This is footage from a film of the John Willis Glenn family from 33 N King Avenue, New Castle PA back in 1958

This particular reel shows twin sisters getting dressed for their confirmation as well as an older sister in her prom outfit ?

Some research shows a John W Glenn born on 6th Feb 1918 and passed 30th April 2003 in Neshannock PA

The son of John C Glenn and Cara B Clover John Willis in 1930 had 6 siblings, Clarence, Charlott, Clara, Chester, Mary and Edna ranging in age from 16 year old Clarence to 1 year old Edna.

However from here the trail goes cold. Maybe you recognise a relation in this video?

There are a further 19 Standard 8 3" reels of 50 ft  per reel which play for around 4 minutes. So around 80 minutes in all. Most are in great condition and play back fine through a cine projector. A few have some graining issues but still play.

They range in date from 1959 to 1971 with family get together's at Xmas, Birthdays, holidays in Florida, at the beach. JFK on TV at Xmas 1961, Twin sisters who could be Judy and Melanie according to some writing on the original boxes. They are seen getting of the bus coming back from school. Mom in her band uniform. The family dog and Cars. Granny and Grandpa at family get togethers. Badminton in the yard. The older girl, possibly Pat in the Xmas films.

These films all in all are a great collection of memories which can be cherished as they are or converted to digital format

Is this your family ? The house in N King Ave was home right into the 21st Century for the Glenns so there must be someone out there who would like to get these films back into the possession of the family

The 20 reels of 8mm film are available to purchase via paypal. Please contact me via the contact form at the side of the page for the cost, inc shipping.

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