Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Manfred Weidberg Family

These are films of the Manfred ( Fred ) Weidberg Family of 286 Cherry Place, East Meadow, New York.

There are two rolls of 8mm Standard 3" 50ft rolls of around 4 minutes duration shot between 1962 and 1964. One roll relates to a visit to Parrot Jungle in Florida with three boys aged around 11-14 as well as the mother. Two of the boys are Clifford and Steven

The second roll is that shown in the first video which is of a family holiday in Florida with three boys, a young couple, as well as the grandparents on the beach and by the pool at the Shoreham Norman Hotel on Miami Beach

If my research is correct Manfred and his brother Siegfried arrived, aged just 17 years 9 months and 16 years 6 months respectively in the USA aboard the steamer Nyassa from Portugal in December 1940. Manfred went on to serve in the war, Siegfried became a doctor. They had followed their parents Samson and Laura who had arrived in February of the same year aboard the Vulcania from Gibraltar

Like many people from Europe of Jewish heritage, it is likely they were fleeing the persecution that was being inflicted in Austria at that time. My source for this history is where there are public family trees associated with Manfred Weidberg from the Teller ( Harris ) and Winston family archives

Clifford is living in Florida and Steven still lives in New York

These films are in very good condition and would make a great addition to the famiy archive and are available to purchase. Please use the contact form at the side of the page should you wish to bring them back into your family.

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  1. These films returned to there rightful home, to Clifford Weidberg in Florida


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